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A total value of over $400.00 in extra resources to help you be a better singer. Authors such as Ingo Titze, Brandon Brophy, Joshua Alamu, Claytoven Richardson, and many others are part of the Vocalize University.


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VU is a practical software program for singers. Our training program provides world-class vocal and musical education that is unparalleled. With the VocalizeU program, each warm-up, lesson, and evaluation is personalized.


Customizability of our vocal program

The customizability of our vocal program caters to a singer’s individual needs, allowing them to work on areas of their voice at their own pace. Our patented vocal evaluation technology helps singers determine areas of their voice that need growth and then directs them to customized vocal exercises and workouts. Progress can be tracked over time, as VocalizeU guides each individual to appropriate workout modules. Singers also have the option to schedule an online vocal evaluation or complete voice lesson with a live VIP instructor directly from the software. VocalizeU also provides vocal studio tools, educational text books, and further music training.

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“I’ve been studying voice for about 7 years, and the VocalizeU app has been incredibly helpful to have with me. I use the app to warm up before a gig, as well as to train with when I’m home. It’s very easy to get stuck in routines with your voice training and this app grows with you as your voice grows in strength. I’m so thankful it exists. Every singer should be using it.”


“The vocalizeU app is like having a vocal coach with you on the road. I use it to warm up before every show. We are touring all of the time right now, and this has been a great tool to use in long stretches between lessons. And the app is pretty dynamic. There are warmups that are perfect for those early morning performances, and there are really athletic workouts when I know I have some time to rest afterwards. I can’t imagine touring without it.”

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