Have you heard about the best vocal training software?

It’s amazing how many lessons, tools, resources, videos, and a whole lot more is all in this comprehensive vocal training software.

  • Vocal Warm Ups? Covered!
  • Pitch training quizzes? In there!
  • Voice Recorder? Yes!
  • Books on vocal training? Clear your bookshelves!
  • Instructional Videos? Just watch!
  • A metronome? Ev-ery-thing!

If I write down everything in this space on our website…You won’t read it.  You’ll be like, “It’s too much to read.” Well, we made you a video.

The VU Teacher Network

faviconWe at VocalizeU have looked at many teacher networks and have chosen what we feel is the most advanced group of teachers. The ViP network of teachers is a group of voice instructors that maintain not only a very high standard of vocal technique, but also high standards in ethics. They are committed to a “student centered” learning process, and are required to demonstrate their high standards on a regular basis. The term ViP stands for “Vocology in Practice”, which among other things, means “… it is the process of strengthening and equipping the voice to meet very specific and special demands”. In other words, a ViP instructor’s job is to assess YOUR particular needs and help you attain your goals. And, they do it with PASSION! Many of these vocal experts are celebrity voice coaches and teach current stars of Broadway, Hollywood, pop, R&B, opera, country, jazz, rock and blues. These select ViP Experts have been teaching voice for many years and have built some of the most successful and elite vocal studios in the world. They are truly the cream of the crop! ViP Experts are also experienced in singing and performance workshops, training sessions, and providing vocal development seminars. They will easily be able to best pin-point your exact needs, strengths/ weaknesses to guide you in the right direction stylistically all-the-while perfecting your vocal technique.

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