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If I write down everything in this space on our website…You won’t read it.  You’ll be like, “It’s too much to read.” Well, we made you a video.

The VU Teacher Network

faviconWe at VocalizeU have looked at many teacher networks and have chosen what we feel is the most advanced group of teachers. The ViP network of teachers is a group of voice instructors that maintain not only a very high standard of vocal technique, but also high standards in ethics. They are committed to a “student centered” learning process, and are required to demonstrate their high standards on a regular basis. The term ViP stands for “Vocology in Practice”, which among other things, means “… it is the process of strengthening and equipping the voice to meet very specific and special demands”. In other words, a ViP instructor’s job is to assess YOUR particular needs and help you attain your goals. And, they do it with PASSION! Many of these vocal experts are celebrity voice coaches and teach current stars of Broadway, Hollywood, pop, R&B, opera, country, jazz, rock and blues. These select ViP Experts have been teaching voice for many years and have built some of the most successful and elite vocal studios in the world. They are truly the cream of the crop! ViP Experts are also experienced in singing and performance workshops, training sessions, and providing vocal development seminars. They will easily be able to best pin-point your exact needs, strengths/ weaknesses to guide you in the right direction stylistically all-the-while perfecting your vocal technique.


Our VU Artist Ambassador Monique Benabou Releases EP on January 29th!

Summer Ferguson Releases Cover Video of "Hands To Myself"

VU Artist Ambassador Rotana Tarabzouni Performs Live in Abu Dhabi Feb. 3

Emergency Tiara aka Juri Jinnai Announces New Show at The Mint Feb. 16

Summer Ferguson releases new video of Adele cover "When We Were Young"

VU Artist Ambassador Rotana Tarabzouni was featured on BBC News: 100 Women 2015

Mel Soul releases preview of new song "Felt Love Alone" from her demo

Rodolfo Gug released his new music video "Falsa Alarma"

VU Artist Sheldon Universe released a new single "Mine"

VUAI music director, Tom Harrison, was accepted into the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles for Professional Membership

VU Artist Jake Smith releases new single "Give Your Loving"

VU Artist Mike Bertini has launched the release of his first single/video "Those Nights"

Check out VU's Juri Jinnai, aka Emergency Tiara, new premier on PopMatters

Dave Stroud client Ben Folds Releases New Album: So There

Dave Stroud client, Angel Haze Releases New Project: Back To The Woods

Dave Stroud client, Jordin Sparks, releases new album Right Here Right Now

Dave Stroud client Nathan Sykes is topping the charts with his new single "Kiss Me Quick"

Check out Rotana Tarabzouni's inspiring interview on BBC World Service!

Steve Giles and Ingrid Schnell Video- Training Young Vocal Artists

Darcy Deutsch Video With Dave Stroud

Steve Giles New Video- Should Kids Meditate?

The Naked Vocalist Releases New Video for Singing Workshop!

VU ambassador artist, Rotana gets feature article in LA Weekly

Israel’s Preeminent Pop Voice Coach And VU Teacher, Aramat Arnheim Sharon, Brings Recording Workshop and Science Of Voice Workshop To Tel Aviv.

Dave Stroud has worked with the members of Pentatonix and is so proud they’ll be joining Kelly Clarkson’s Piece by Piece tour.

Dave Stroud student and The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, releases his solo album.

VU Teacher Nicole Larsen- New Mexico’s Finest Coach

Kelly Farrell Offers Teen Program for Self-Confidence

VocalizeU Home Study Program Used By Largest Post High School Program In Japan

VU Teacher, Steve Giles Builds Successful Kid Choirs Around UK



Stick with love. Happy MLK Day! #vufamilyfirst -#mlkday
“There is no better place to be if you are a professional or aspiring singer/artist, or just looking to have an awesome experience. At VocalizeU you will find the support, courage, teachings, friendships, passion, fun, inspiration, and never ending music that will ease your way and lead you to be the authentic artist that you are meant to be.  VocalizeU helped to grow my passion about singing even stronger, it opened up new horizons and broadened my vision. It provided a safe place to explore and grow myself, to inspire and to get inspired. You will be surrounded by beautiful people with supportive and positive attitude all connected with the same passion in their hearts: Music. I'm so grateful to be a part of it.” #vuwinterretreat2015 #vufamilyfirst
"The VocalizeU Winter Retreat is such an amazing, genuinely artistic experience that I would urge every singer and/or songwriter to attend, no matter how new or experienced they may be at their craft. It's one of the few places where artists are free to not only be themselves, but to take joy in the exploration of who they desire to become through their artistry. Plus, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! The love and creativity that the VU Winter Retreat provides is contagious, and I always leave with new challenges for myself and my music" @erin_reagan #vuwinterretreat #vufamilyfirst
#fbf to songwriting all day, bonfires, and collaborating with other artists!  #vuwinterretreat #vufamilyfirst
Our VU fam hanging out and doing what they do best.. SINGING! #jamsession #laartists #vufamilyfirst @tarzantribe @amita_music @jaketaylorsmith @conner.snow @agirlnamedfrancesca @mabthequeen @erinbeaty @_brookelyn_k
What a great message VocalizeU got today from a member of our #VUFamily! This made our day! #VUFamilyFirst #music #losangeles #venezuela @georginaherrera
These 2 talented #VUArtists shared the stage at the VU BBQ and rocked it! Thanks to everyone who came out! #livemusic #VUFamilyFirst @moniquebenabou @darcycallus
We loved having our #VUArtist @alexaiono perform at our VU BBQ! Good times!! #VUFamilyFirst #singers
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Still going strong at our VocalizeU BBQ! Love watching our talented VU Artists perform #losangeles #VUFamilyFirst #music
VU Family @jaketaylorsmith @conner.snow just sounding so smooth #vufamilyfirst
We love our VU Artists @jaketaylorsmith and @conner.snow Stay tuned for more footage on what they've been up to!! #VUArtists #VUFamilyFirst
VU Artist @iamrotana killing it with special guest @iamvincint at The Hotel Cafe last night! #VUFamilyFirst #thehotelcafe #sundayconcerts
Missing my fierce ladies and this beautiful view right about now!! Happy Birthday to my fellow purple haired song bird @rebel.rae 💜🎂🎤!!

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