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VocalizeU is a tribe of like minded artists, putting in the work to be the best at what they do. We work hard, we take the extra steps, we support each other and most importantly; we’re a family. Artists from all across the globe come together at different VU events and make amazing connections and great music together. As a way to push that further than just at the events, we created: VU Family First. This is our way of staying connected with all the amazing artists that become part of the VU family and also, helping you all stay connected with each other. Our mission is to create a ongoing, lifelong web of support for all our VU artists by; helping support and create singer showcases, promoting your own shows, helping make connections within the VU network and creating an awareness for all VU artist events. So help us support all our VU family of artists, and let us know if you have anything coming up that you would like featured. We will do our best to shine lights on all of your work and keep you working towards your goals, so you come back to each VU event, bolder, stronger and prouder!

Use the hashtag #VUFamilyFirst on all your showcases and events and we’ll repost and tag!

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