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VUFit Instructor, Shannon Stroud

Being fit and healthy is one of the basic requirements for being a successful artist. Image is important, but being healthy and strong and having a clear, present mind are essential. A lifestyle that prioritizes diet and exercise will support you throughout your career.

Shannon Stroud is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified trainer and has been featured in P90X3.  She was also selected as one of the test/focus group members in the development of that product.

Shannon brings to VocalizeU the passion and compassion necessary to help an artist get fit and healthy.  She spent years on stage as a comedian and continues to teach and coach comics all over the world.  She knows firsthand the stress of performing in front of live audiences, the focus it takes to pursue a creative life and the energy and confidence it takes to be successful.  She’s excited to help you attain your goals and get you on track to be your best. 

VUFit is a course designed by Shannon and her advisors in the fitness world, to bring to artists healthy and easily doable fitness routines for those who need effective work anywhere.  Whether it’s a hotel room, tour bus, venue, or right at home, VUFit will keep you feeling strong.


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